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Why an Anarchist library?
Anarchism has been the target of many attacks and of misinformation for a long time. Misinformation is nothing new. Coming from the mass media who hammers down the discourse of the elites and the police forces who thus try to discredit and infantilize libertarian thought. That’s why we set up DIRA library, in order to create a space where libertarian ideas could be diffused widely and to be accessible for everyone. Also to provide a self-managed space where people can meet and discuss freely.
How does DIRA work?
First off, there is no membership fee, or inscription. People come and go freely, they can consult all the different documents we have on site, or they can borrow the material for as long as each individual decides. Normally it’s for a period between one week to a month. We have many types of resources; video, newspapers, magazines, essays, books, and others. Only books are available to take out. We are moving towards doing the same with our videos.
The books …
The library includes a broad range of books which can be borrowed or consulted on site. They are classified by subject; history, race, feminism, etc. The majority of our documents are gifts made by different distributors; publisher or individuals. Some are bought depending on our financial means. We prioritize anarchist literature but we also have books which do not claim to be anarchist thought, but that is against the current ideas imposed by the rule class, and which have an informative or practical value to the questioning of our society and furthering the development of critical thinking.
…and the archives.
DIRA also acts as an archive. We archive all documentation concerning libertarian thought. Whether it be texts, flyers, and other forms of documentation; video, recordings, etc., produced by the different libertarian groups here, or elsewhere. Many of the documents are published by grassroots and community based groups, or are the works done by individuals or groups furthering the scope of research. The goal of the archiving is to have a space where libertarian ideas can be conserved and accessible for everyone. The conservation of our collective memory is essential if we really want to understand where we are coming from, and where we want to go - https://florafox.com/ru/samara-26.
DIRA needs your help
DIRA wants to remain an autonomous project, independent and work as a collective, but we are always working on funding. We primarily rely on our monthly fundraising evenings and the financial support from individuals and groups.

So, if you have a few dollars that are lingering in your pockets, we would be really happy to put them into our (empty) drawers!! All funds recieved go directly to sustaining the library.

DIRA is also looking for books, newspapers, magazines, films and essays to fill up the bookshelves. So if you have old books, magazines, newspapers, or even have written things yourself, and you’re not sure what to do with them, you can give them to us and we will make it accessible to everyone.

Ideas cannot be sold!
They`re meant to be shared!

2035 St-Laurent, Métro St-laurent Montréal

DIRA is open on:
Monday to Sunday: 2 to 5 pm
except on Wednesday and Thursday: 2 to 8 pm

(514) 843-2018