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The basic CLAC structure is made up of 1) CLAC groups, 2) follow-up committee (comite suivi) and 3) CLAC assemblies.
The CLAC is structured into autonomous groups. CLAC groups are in agreement with the CLAC basis of unity, participate in the work of the comite suivi, and send delegates to CLAC assemblies.

At present, the following groups are part of the CLAC: CLAC Latin America/FTAA Committee, CLAC Housing Committee, IPSM, Pain panais liberté and the DIRA Resource Center.

New CLAC groups can be proposed at CLAC assemblies, but approval for new groups are made at no earlier than the next CLAC assembly.
The comite suivi (follow-up committee) is the minimal structure to maintain the CLAC as an organization. At least one member of each CLAC group attends the comite suivi, and each CLAC group contributes to the work of the comite suivi. Members of the comite suivi are not permanent, but rotated.

The tasks and mandates of the comite suivi include: maintaining the bank account, paying bills, suggesting or organizing fundraising efforts to meet basic expenses; checking telephone and e-mail messages, and responding or forwarding communications in a timely fashion; external communications; maintaining a webpage and email lists; helping, as much as possible, to promote the activities of the various affinity groups of the CLAC; organizing CLAC assemblies, including facilitation, translation, childcare, and determining the agenda; organizing "special assemblies" when necessary; welcoming new members to the CLAC, by providing info about exisiting groups, encouraging the formation of new affinity groups, and providing information about anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian organizing efforts; gathering the information materials of affinity groups for distribution at assemblies and elsewhere; determining the time needed for the various comite suivi tasks.
CLAC assemblies will be held when necessary, at least 4 time a year. The comite suivi has the mandate to organise the assemblies. Assemblies are open to anyone in agreement with the CLAC Basis of Unity and the PGA Hallmarks. There will be an information session for newcomers at the beginning of every assembly. Everyone at CLAC assemblies are entitled to speak and participate in indicative votes, but only CLAC group delegates are counted for final votes. Each CLAC group is entitled to three delegates.

The CLAC assemblies serve to provide mandates for the CLAC as a whole in organizing common campaigns, or sharing common resources. CLAC groups remain autonomous in their own decision-making and campaigns. The agenda for CLAC assemblies must be made available to delegates before each assembly.

For the purposes of voting, CLAC delegates aim for consenus, with 75% of delegates needed to approve a proposal if consensus is not possible.