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ALERTA aims to a permit the diffusion of alternative information regarding social issues and contemporary policy, giving a voice to grassroots social movements that work every day towards the construction of a model of life and society that is different from the one advocated by capitalist society and the neoliberal model. We intend this paper to be a space of reflection as much on the social realities of Montreal as on the rest of the world. We aspire to make known the struggles of organizations from here and from communities in the South, particularly in Latin America, who oppose the FTAA, the globalization of the market and the predatory exploitation of their life and territory. Our objective is to permit the joint articulation of both local and global struggles, to the end of making networks of direct solidarity between different social movements throughout the Americas. We believe that mainstream media creates only disinformation at the service of the interests of large corporations, and that it is essential that the population have access to alternative information based on the voice of the people, who, in the North as in the South, suffer, tell, live, survive and express values and ideas that are different from that of the infinite accumulation of capital…

The word “Wawa” (or “huahua”) has several meanings in different parts of Latin America…

In Colombia, for the Afro-Colombian communities of the Choco, the “wawa” is an animal native to the tropical forest that is hunted with the help of dogs in order to eat it. Its scientific name is Capybara, and it is the largest rodent in the world. In Chile, and in the Andean countries where Quichua, Quechua, and Aymara are spoken (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia), the word “wawa” or “huahua” means baby or child. In Cuba, the “wawa” is a popular bus where people gather every day to get around- in Cuba they say that the best newspaper is the wawa, because that’s where you get the news and gossip about everybody…

“The Cry of the Wawa” is a mixture of all these voices expressing themselves – the baby that tries to make itself understood, the animal that calls out in the forest, and the people who want their cry for justice to be heard…