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The COMMITTEE ON LATIN AMERICA AND AGAINST THE FTAA of the CLAC is a group of individuals who work together in the construction of a network of direct solidarity between communities in resistance and social movements in Latin America and North America. We believe that it is essential that the populations here in Montreal, in Quebec, and in Canada be aware of the social struggles that exist in our continent, and that they may become conscious of the issues that affect the populations of Latin America. We thus hope to be able to help make the links between the common causes of the poverty, misery, exclusion, exploitation, and repression that are lived here and in the South, albeit in different forms. We want to analyze and denounce the consequences of neoliberalist capitalist policies on the urban and rural populations of the diverse countries in Latin America and here in North America. We believe it to be crucial that the militants and the population here be aware of the struggles that exist in the South, for which people fight every day; the intensity of the repression of which they are victims; which are the Canadian companies and the other multinationals that are complice to massacres, etc. We also want to make known the way in which men and women, peasants, workers and unemployed organize themselves collectively to struggle and to create new models of living that put into practice principles of self-sufficiency, autonomy, auto-determination and dignity. We believe that it is very important that the movement in the North nourish itself with the experiences of resistance that exist in the South. We want to weave strong links of direct solidarity between local movements and those in Latin America, and thus contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of resistance at a continental level.

To carry out this work, the Latin America Committee has chosen to prioritize work with processes of resistance in the three following countries: Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. The processes of resistance and organizations with which we already have contact and have begun support work are:

In Mexico: We work in solidarity with the Magonista indigenous communities of the state of Oaxaca who struggle for their right to autonomy and self-determination, as well as with the OIPMT – the Independent Organization of Mixtec and Tlapanec Peoples – in the state of Guerrero, who fight to defend their land, their rights, and their dignity.

In Colombia: We first created a working group, which has since become autonomous: the Colombia Solidarity Accompaniment Project (PASC). The PASC, in collaboration with the Colombian organization for human rights the Comisión Interclesial de Justicia y Paz, has worked with the “Principal Council of Communities in the Basin of the River Jiguamiando”, as well as with communities of the CAVIDA – Communities in Self-determination for Life and Dignity in the basin of Cacarica, both situated in the province of Choco. These Afro-Colombian and Mestizo communities have declared themselves in civil resistance for life and their ancestral territory. For more information, visit the website

In Argentina: We work with different local factions of the larger national movement of the MTD – Movimiento de l@s Trabajador@s Desocupad@s – the Movement of Unemployed Workers. We work primarily with the MTD de la Matanza, the MTD Solano, and the Coordiantor Anibal Veron which regroups various local MRDs. The MTD is a primarily urban movement of resistance, reappropriation, and self-management which applies these principles of struggle and organization in concrete daily action, from the districts in which they emerged.